In Bloom: The Kerri Lace Up Flatforms Trending for Spring

Spring is in bloom! Get ready to put those boots away and revitalize your sandal collection. A must-have for the Spring 2016 season is the incredibly versatile Kerri lace-up flatform.

Kerri Lace-Up flatform sandal in Camel
Imagine a sneaker-like experience with loads of style. The Kerri features Klik Footwear’s new dual density construction for more comfort and flexibility to literally flex with your every step. Flatform fanatics will love the look of a raised spring sandal while still remaining a flat shoe.

Kerri Lace-up flatform sandal all colors
These strappy sandal flatforms currently come in four colors: black, camel, grey, and saddle. The straps and tie closure wrap around your ankles and legs for a sexy look. We like the Kerri tied with a knot one or two times around your leg. You can even cut the tie for a custom fit.

It's the perfect spring sandal to wear around the office with a Bodycon Jersey Dress and Fitted Leather Blazer. Then go straight to date night and take the jacket off for an effortless, styled look.

Kerri Lace-Up flatform sandal in Black
For a more casual look, pair the Kerri with ripped denim or a rolled-up white denim to show off the sexy straps. 

Kerri Lace-Up flatform sandal in Camel and Grey

For the fashion lover who demands style without forfeiting comfort, this shoe is the answer. You don’t have to wear a heel anymore to feel feminine! SHOP the Kerri >

One-Banded Slides: The Trend

While classic brands like Birkenstock and Adidas make their reappearance in the fashion scene, its safe to say the slip-on shoe is making a comeback. It’s important to note that the originally athletic slide, known for its ease and comfort, is experiencing a bit of a makeover.

We know jocks wear their slip-ons with socks and sweatpants. But KLIK puts a twist on this simple silhouette, making them suitable for even your fanciest night out. We’ve put the one-banded slide on our stylish platform bottom. It is padded and wrapped in soft leather to maintain that signature comfort.

To elevate the look, KLIKS come in classic black leather, vibrant blue suede, and gorgeous neutral-toned snakeskin. There is a truly a style for every outfit.

We like taking our slides from day to night with our favorite pair of ripped jeans, a chic jumpsuit, or even an elegant dress.

How do you like to style your one-banded KLIKS?

Leather vs. Pleather: The Debate

For us, summer is about running around in an easy to wear, lightweight sandal. But there is nothing worse than when that sandal rubs against your feet, resulting in burns and blisters. When that’s the case, chances are those shoes are not made of real leather.

Dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times, shoes were constructed out of real leathers to provide functionality and comfort. But, in modern times, the demand for more affordable and accessible materials led us to the production of man-made leather. Faux leather is made by combining various chemicals with plasticizers and polymers. The result is something that looks a lot like real leather, but when worn on your feet, you can notice a huge difference.

The chemical-filled plastic materials that we find in pleather shoes cause our feet to burn, sweat, and feel uncomfortably hot. It can cause blisters and rashes from friction and heat, especially on those warm summer days.

That’s why KLIKS are made with 100% genuine leather.

Real leather shoes allow the feet to breathe. Unlike the plastic stuff, leather stretches and molds to the foot, allowing it to move more naturally. It is also more durable, and does not crack or tear as easily as pleather. Genuine leather materials keep their color much longer, and hold up to the elements much better.

In our opinion, there really is no debate. Genuine leather is what’s best for our feet. It is chic, classic, and most importantly comfortable. We would never make our footwear out of anything else.